Marie Daulne, the godmother

To be happy in life, we should learn to know each other, to be surrounded by people so we can give and get positive energies. That’s what boosts exchanges and stimulate the mind to keep our spirits up.

More than 25 years ago, I started ZAP MAMA, a life’s work reflecting on Brussels. I’ve invited my buddies from different cultures. What I like in being the godmother of the Festival Populaire de BXL is to see so many people uniting for the same project, aiming at looking further ahead, brightening the obscure vision, removing the fear of the Other.


One always says : « I heard that… », « yes but those people… ». Well, we went to see what’s happening elsewhere. The result is that I have strongly enrich myself as a human being. And that’s what made me even happier.

Robert de Scrhyver, the godfather

For me, Brussels is cultural diversity. It is also folklore, museums, festivals… Further there are monuments and symbols : the Atomium, the Manneken-Pis… Brussels means opening up to the other, sharing, enjoying life.

I’m so proud to be the godfather of the Festival, as one of the first members to have joined the PUA. I’m also proud to have been chosen along with Marie Daulne, the godmother, who is a real icon of this cultural diversity. And then, let’s be totally clear, simply for the fun !