Laïla Amezian & les Sheikhs Shikhats

  • Concerts
  • Festpop Village
  • 23 juin
  • 18:00

Haunting melodies, wild rhythms and bewitching voices. This is the recipe of Sheiks Shikhats, a project led by Laïla Amezian. Reinterpreting excerpts from the popular repertoire of Northern Morocco, Laïla has surrounded herself with vocalists and musicians from the jazz and world scenes, to present an adaptation of those songs with multiple voices and audacious jazz arrangements, not to mention an explosive Chaabi groove ! Paying a tribute to the first generation of Moroccan immigrants in Belgium, this project honours the sense of celebration and conviviality with a music that brings together. Laïla Amezian and the Sheiks Shikhats represent all the strength and beauty of a musical tradition combined with a very jazzy approach. The kind of project only Brussels can generate…

Vocal arrangements :

Anne Van der Plassche & Laïla Amezian.

Instrumental arrangements :

Laurent Blondiau.